The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Consumer Protection Group inspected the prices and supply of noche buena items and basic necessities and prime commodities (BNPC) in three Quezon City supermarkets on Monday, 20 December 2021.

DTI-CPG Undersecretary Atty. Ruth B. Castelo and DTI-Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) Assistant Director Atty. Marimel D. Porciuncula led a monitoring team not only to ensure that there are enough stocks of BNPCs and Christmas food products this holiday season, but also to check if retailers follow the suggested retail price (SRP) as published by the DTI.

“It’s great to see that some products are being offered in a much lower price than our current SRP, that’s why we encourage the suppliers to double the delivery of noche buena products to the retailers until the end of the holiday season so consumers can have ample supply for their shopping needs,” said DTI-CPG Undersecretary Castelo.

According to the report, all three supermarkets were found to be following the SRP for their displayed products. However, one establishment was found to be lacking necessary price tags on some of their products, which resulted in the issuance of a Show Cause Order (SCO).

Pursuant to Article 81 of the Consumer Act of the Philippines or Republic Act No. 7394, “It shall be unlawful to offer any consumer product for retail sale to the public without an appropriate price tag, label, or marking publicly displayed to indicate the price of each article and said products shall not be sold at a price higher than that stated therein and without discrimination to all buyers. Further, price tags must be written clearly and legibly to prevent overpricing and unjust trade.

“In case there is an initial finding of violation, such as lack of price tags, it is part of administrative due process, that the establishment is directed to submit a written explanation within the prescribed period and if the establishment fails to do so, that’s the time we will file a formal charge against them for violating the Consumer Act of the Philippines,” DTI-CPG Undersecretary Castelo explained. To see the list of noche buena products and its corresponding SRP, please follow this link: Further, the DTI encourages the consumers to be more attentive to undue price adjustments and illegal acts of price manipulation from retailers. Call 1-DTI (1-384) or send consumer complaints to ♦

Date of Release: 23 December 2021