Anchored on the core Values of Passion, Integrity, Creativity, Competence, Synergy, and Love of Country, and our Mission as the government’s main economic catalyst in Enabling innovative, competitive, job-generating, inclusive business, and Empowering consumers. These we do in order to achieve our DTI’s Vision 2022 of “A more inclusive and prosperous Philippines with employment and income opportunities for all”, and to achieve the goal to let Filipinos enjoy a strongly rooted, comfortable, and secure life in accordance with AmBisyon Natin 2040–the collective long-term vision and aspirations of the Filipino people for themselves and for the country in the next 25 years.

The FTEB serves as the DTI’s regulatory and implementing arm in enforcing compliance with the different Trade and Industry Laws, more particularly the Consumer Act of the Philippines (RA No. 7394), the Price Act (RA No. 7581 as amended by RA No. 10623), and the Law on Products Standards (RA No. 4109). It ensures that the objectives of these laws are met by performing its mandate efficiently, effectively and fairly, having in mind the welfare of consumers and legitimate businesses, a responsibility shared with the DTI Regional and Provincial Offices.

Bureau Mandate

  • Ensure compliance of the business sector with trade and industry laws and standards;
  • Regulate importation as provide by trade agreements;
  • Conduct market surveillance and enforcement to ensure compliance with trade and industry laws;
  • Deliver speedy, just, and equitable redress of cases; and
  • Foster consumer protection and level the playing field through business regulation


Sales Promotion Division

Regulates the issuance of all types of sales promotion campaigns/activities falling under the jurisdiction of DTI.

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Business Licensing and Accreditation Division

Issues certificates of authority, registration and accreditation to service business enterprises.

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Import Regulation Division

Regulates the importation of used motor vehicles and parts, and accredits truck rebuilding centers.

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Surveillance and Monitoring Division

Conducts regular surveillance and monitoring activities.

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Products Standards Monitoring Division

Conducts monitoring and surveillance to ensure consistent compliance of products and services with technical regulations.

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Enforcement Division

Conducts enforcement activities including validation of reports.

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Adjudication Division

Resolves complaints and formal charges.

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Mediation Division

Conducts mediation conferences between parties filed before the DTI.

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Prosecution Unit

In charge of evaluating documents forwarded as a result of monitoring and enforcement activities to determine existence of prima facie case that warrants the preparation of formal charges to be filed against violators.

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