A case shall be deemed submitted for decision:

  1. When there is a petition jointly filed by the parties to seek judgment on their mediation agreement (Sec. 5, Rule IV, DAO 20-02);
  2. Upon submission of the parties of their respective position papers within the period prescribed or upon the lapse of ten (10) working days from receipt of the Notice of Adjudication (Sec. 10, Rule IV, DAO 20-02); or
  3. After the conduct of the clarificatory hearing (Sec. 12, Rule IV, DAO 20-02);
  4. Upon submission of additional evidence or upon the lapse of the period provided by to comply with such requirement (Sec. 12, Rule IV, DAO 20-02).

Note that due to the difference in dates of receipt of the notices by the parties and date of compliance, the determination when the case is submitted for decision shall be based on the later compliance or upon the lapse of the prescribed period.