The following information should be indicated, as applicable:

  1. The geographical area to be covered;
  2. The period of the promotion campaign/activity; 
  3. The target participants and the required qualifications, if any; 
  4. The mechanics and the criteria, if any, for participating and winning in the promotion campaign/activity; 
  5. The procedure in the predetermination of winning entry forms, and if applicable, the computer program to be used; 
  6. The type of entry forms and or paraphernalia or electronic device to be used in the promotion campaign/activity;
  7. The plan for the seeding of qualifying entry forms, paraphernalia or predetermined winning entry forms; 
  8. The date, time and place for auditions, try-outs, pre-qualification and/or qualification of participants to the promotion, if the same is required; 
  9. The security marks, if any, or the nature thereof in the entry forms and/or paraphernalia to be used in the promotion, their purpose, the method of their verification and a sample specimen of such entry form or paraphernalia containing such security mark; 
  10. The deadline of submission of entries;
  11. The specific city, municipality, or province and number of drop boxes and the name of the business entities and their addresses or telephone numbers where entries may be sent; 
  12. The prizes for each category of winners indicating the amount thereof, or if in kind, the description, brand, size, model, or make and their market value at the time of the application; 
  13. Whether a prize in kind is transferable and/or convertible to cash;
  14. Whether the required taxes for the winnings shall be shouldered by the sponsors/applicants or by the winners, and in case of the latter, whether the same shall be withheld by the sponsors/applicants;
  15. Time and dates within which the prize is demandable after the termination of the promotion campaign/activity, which shall not be less than sixty (60) days from the notification or publication, whichever comes last; 
  16. The requirements and/or the type of identification which will be required to claim prizes; 
  17. The locations of redemption or exchange centers, or where prizes may be claimed, and
  18. Such other information, documents as may be required by the Department in order to protect public interest.
    • Definite time, date, and place for the determination of winners;

(DAO 10-02 Series of 2010)