Final and Executory means that a Decision or Resolution rendered by the Adjudication Officer has become final, can no longer be modified, altered, appealed or overturned and consequently, may already be executed in favor of the prevailing or winning party. The Decision attains finality specifically when the losing party failed to file an appeal within the prescribed period. 

For purposes of Adjudication, all Decisions shall become final and executory when all period for Motion for Reconsideration and Appeal provided for under the Rules, whether taken or not, shall have lapsed. (Section 1, Rule XVI, Department Administrative Order No. 7 Series of 2006).  As soon as a Decision becomes ‘final and executory’, the Adjudication Officer shall, either on motion of the interested party, or motu proprio, issue an Order of Execution with a corresponding Writ of Execution, requesting the proper Sheriff to execute the Decision. (Section 1, Rule XVI, Department Administrative Order No. 7, Series of 2006).