• Before publication

A person may voluntarily cancel or discontinue the approved promotional campaign/activity provided no information dissemination and advertising thereon has been made and that a written notice be submitted to the Department prior to such voluntary cancellation.

  • After publication but before commencement

If any announcement, information dissemination or advertising of the promotional campaign/activity has already been made, but the promotion period has not yet commenced, the discontinuance or cancellation of the promotion may be made only upon prior written notice to the Department within a period of not less than five 15) days before the commencement of the original intended date of promotion.

The sponsor shall honor the promotional commitments should it fall to comply with the required period.

  • After publication and ongoing promotional campaigns/activities

Voluntary cancellation or discontinuance or suspension of any ongoing promotional campaigns/activities shall not be allowed except upon prior written approval by the Department which shall be based on any of the following grounds: 

  • A final judgment of bankruptcy of the sponsor/s from a court of proper jurisdiction;
  • Occurrence of any fortuitous event or force majeure that will make it impossible to continue the promotional campaign/activity. Provided, however, that those who had already won in the promotion before the approval of the cancellation or discontinuance or suspension shall be paid or given their prizes.

(DAO 10-02 Series of 2010)